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Szkoły grają!
Szkoły grają!

Gry figurkowe i bitewne :: Aeronautica Imperialis

Aeronautica Imperialis: Ork Air Waaagh! 'Eavy Bommerz

Wszechstronne jednostki, przydatne nie tylko do bezlitosnego bombardowania wroga

Cena: 149.95 129.95 zł

Dostępność: w magazynie
( wysyłka w PONIEDZIAŁEK - sprawdź w punktach sprzedaży )

Your Air Waaagh! will never be the same once your Aeronautica Imperialis: Ork Air Waaagh! 'Eavy Bommerz take to the skies. Despite the name, they’re useful for all sorts of things besides just bombing your targets into oblivion. Take a look at our top tips and suggestions for utilising these beefy bombers in your games.


They’ve Got Huge BOMBS


This probably seems obvious, but hear us out. Any Fighta Bommer or even Dakkajet can take some bombs as extra weapons, but a dedicated bomber has a couple of advantages (which we’ll get to shortly).


An Eavy Bommer has one set of bombs built right into its base profile, and you can add up to three sets of smaller wing bombs or two pairs of big bombs. That gives you up to four rounds of ground-pounding per plane, dropping four to six Firepower dice each time, while still firing your other guns. Speaking of which…


They Pack Loads of DAKKA


These things BRISTLE with guns! Let’s break it down: at level Altitude and close range it can dish out up to 7 Firepower to the front arc, 9 to each side, and even 3 to the rear. The turrets and big shootas also provide reliable mid-range firepower with 4 to the front, 5 to the sides or 2 to the rear - much better than other planes in the Air Waaagh! Any enemy planes attempting to swarm you will hesitate to engage Eavy Bommers, especially if you keep a couple close together to support each other.


They’re TOUGH


There are two kinds of Orks in the galaxy - quick and stabby, or shooty and tough. The rest of your fleet is more like the former, whilst Eavy Bommers are very much the latter. With the highest Structure Points in the game - 6 of them to be exact - you’re all but guaranteed to survive long enough for a couple of solid bombing runs.


If not, at least you know your enemy had to throw obscene amounts of firepower your way to take each Eavy Bommer down. Spend just 2 points to add an Extra Armour upgrade - ignoring damage on a 6 - for a good laugh.


Eavy Bommers are a Game Changer


There’s a certain purity to running an aggressive Air Waaagh! roster. It’s brutally effective - just fly straight at ‘em and unload with buckets of dice. Eavy Bommers transform your fleet into something different - kunnin’, yet brutal. They excel at sticking around through resistance that might take out lighter elements of your fleet, with the added flexibility of more bombs and Transport 2.


In order to use them effectively, you’ll have to put a little more thought into how to get the various elements of your fleet to work together.

Podstawowe informacje

Waga: ok. 0.200 kg
Wydawca: Games Workshop

Zawartość pudełka:

  • plastikowe elementy do samodzielnego złożenia i pomalowania
  • podstawki
  • naklejki

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Cena: 149.95 129.95 zł
sztuk:  do koszyka

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